My 2017 New Years Resolutions

My 2016 word(s) of the year were: Serve and simplicity.

My 2017 word(s) of the year are: Intentional & Cultivate

Why I chose these words:

Intentional:  I want to intentionally pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and those closest to me. I also do a lot of things randomly & struggle with stopping/thinking/praying before jumping into a new task. I want to be more intentional about my choices and the things that I pursue.

Cultivate: I hope to cultivate authenticity, kindness, and wholeheartedness with God, my husband, my child, my friends & family, those whom I’ve alienated in 2016, and strangers. I don’t want to work towards my goals for selfish reasons, but to glorify Him, so I must cultivate with intent.

My 2017 resolutions:

  1. As always, keep God as my #1 priority (#1 on my list, #1 in my life).
  2. Set aside time out of the day for my own personal prayer/devotional time.
  3. Read with Fischer every day.
  4. Limit screen time to 1-3 hours per day.
  5. Do some sort of exercise daily (PiYo, walking, BBG, etc.).
  6. Go for a daily walk, weather permitting.
  7. Memorize one bible verse per month.
  8. Write at least twice a month.
  9. Cease comparing my life to others – spiritually and physically.
  10. Host a party to celebrate the women who have impacted me in some way.
  11. Cultivate community, personally and as a family.
  12. Complete at least two courses for certification.
  13. Invest in my relationships with those whom I love dearly.
  14. Have a monthly date night with hubby.
  15. Pray with hubby daily.
  16. Make sure all visitors in our home feel loved, welcomed, and restful.

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