Life Documented | Winter 2017


We started the year off with my husband, T, jobless. He was let go mid-December. Members of our family expressed their worry, concern, and sincere apologies as T started his job search. I know T was a little worried, as he had to find a way to provide for a wife and baby…but for the most part, both of us trusted the Lord. We knew that He would help lead T to the perfect job.

Matter of fact, prayers had already been answered when T was let go. He was very underpaid for his job title and workload. A huge amount of stress was lifted (though replaced with the stress of finding a new job). When we were notified of his new unemployment status, both of us were a little relieved.

Our year continued to decline (words said by a few family members, though we don’t nesucarily see it as a awful situation) when we found a huge mold problem in our rental apartment. Seeing as we had a 3 month old, we wanted to leave asap & were able to get out of our lease…only if we could move out within the week.

I have to say, even with prayers and the support from family, that was probably the most stressful part of the month…packing and moving with a baby sucks. But we prevailed by leaning on the Lord and looking to Him for strength.

Because of the short amount of time we had to move, we didn’t have enough time to find a new place to rent or buy…so we moved into T’s parents house.


Me, T, Baby F, and T’s parents. All under the same roof. Everyone keeps asking, “So, must be tough living with your mother-in-law” or they just give me a sympathic head turn/sad face.

God is so good & this is more proof of that. I have been blessed with an amazing in-law family. They may be loud & always in your business (maybe it’s an Italian thing?), but they are extremely supportive and helpful.

T & I have been able to help around the house, mostly with tasks that his parents are physically incapable of doing. In return, his parents entertain & cuddle with F while I shower or while T & I have an important phone call.

The month was mostly all of us getting settled into a new way of living.


T finally has some leads on new jobs, so we are praying for discernment on “the one”.

F gets dedicated at the end of the month!

Also, for lent, I have given up social media…it’s pretty hard.


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