When God Made You

This Sunday, our sweet 5 month old will be dedicated to the Lord (Luke 2:21-40). When “F” is old enough to understand Jesus & all His glory, we will encourage him to pursue baptism. As baptism is a personal, public decree of believing & surrendering your life to God, we do not feel that babies need to be baptized (that’s a whole other post). My baptism was not special to me because I don’t remember it & I didn’t have a choice. At a later time, both my husband and I plan on getting re-baptized, but for now, we are just focusing on getting our son dedicated.

Anyways, to mark the special occasion, we wanted to gift our baby with a small gift as a way to remember this special day.

The book, When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner, was the perfect choice. 

Before I go on about the content, can I just point out how beautifully illustrated this book is? I mean, wow. Taking photos won’t do it justice. But take it from a bookworm who recently got a dozens of children’s books for her baby shower, this is by far the most gorgeous book we own. 

The content is as equally wonderful as the illustrations. It really emphasizes how special & loved each child is. On days I struggle with showing & teaching these things, I hope to remember to bring this book out.

My rating? 5/5 stars

Would I recommend? Yes! Baptism/Dedication gifts, baby showers, birthdays…I might even suggest it to our local library. 

To comply with the FTC Guidelines, I received this book free (in exchange for my honest opinion) by the Blogging For Books program.

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