How To Find Joy In The Everyday

When I think of God’s purpose for our lives – the Great Commission – I picture myself leading a youth homeless shelter or building schools in third world countries. I have a hard time picturing myself doing what I do every day – cleaning, raising my child, developing relationships with family and friends, going grocery shopping…but what if my role was just important as digging wells in South America?

God doesn’t see our 9-5 job as mundane. Or the “life wasted” by the stay at home parent. In fact, He knows something that we often forget:

It’s through the ordinary lives of His people that work to fulfill His promises. 

While we can’t see what God is working and planning, He knows what’s up. He knows that through this particular job we have, we will make a connection with a fellow employee. He knows that after years of boogers and dirty diapers, that child will one day fulfill His plan. He knows that although we can’t stand doing laundry, it can bring us closer to the Lord.

So how can we find joy when we don’t know why we are placed where we are? How can we enjoy the mundane?

  1. Spend daily time with the Lord. Not enough time in the day? Turn off your radio on the ride to work and have God time then. Or when you are folding that awful pile of laundry. Or when you locked yourself in the bathroom because your little ones are getting on your nerves. Or maybe in the bathroom at work as you hide from that one annoying co-worker.
  2. Pray. Use your prayer time to ask the Lord to give you joy. Ask Him to show you His plan or give you the patience until He wants the plan revealed. Pray for that annoying co-worker or your loud little ones.
  3. Be thankful for routine. Though some days, the same routine over & over may seem awful, at times it can be a blessing. Don’t take what God gave you for granted.
  4. Shake it up. If you are struggling with routine, perhaps God is trying to get you out of your comfort zone. Volunteer to be a greeter at church, even if you are people shy. Take your kiddos to a place you normally wouldn’t go (perhaps a museum or pottery painting). Travel around your city to collect odd ingredients for a new exotic recipe. 

Add to the list! Comment below with how you find joy in the everyday. 


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