10 Blogs I’m Following This Fall

Keeping up with blogging is hard. Seriously guys. It’s nothing like it used to be just a few years ago, especially since all social media has changed their algorithms so you don’t see the things I post. That doesn’t even include how hard it is to make connections with other bloggers – the first connection I ever made was with an amazing woman with the same name as mine (which is why we became friends). Since we sort of part ways, I miss working with her.

So I found ten blogs that I’ve started reading lately & shared them with you, in the hopes that maybe one day we can connect!

  1. Basic Babe Lauren
  2. 21 Flavors of Splendor
  3. Wife Sense
  4. Lisa Laker
  5. Sunny In June
  6. Running On Love and Caffeine
  7. Arts And Budgets
  8. Diary of a Girl Boss
  9. Kindly Unspoken
  10. Deliciously Plated

Seriously guys, these ladies are amazing writers. Check them out.


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