Unpopular Opinion: Least Favorite Authors

Do you have an author that you just despise? One that perhaps everyone else loves? Jane Austen? John Green? Today’ I’ll be sharing my “unpopular opinion” for my least favorite authors.

Have you heard of these “unpopular opinion” Facebook threads? I feel a lot of my friends are creating posts with something along the lines of, “Leave your unpopular opinion in the comments”. Looking through the variety of comments – everything from people hating bacon to Josh Groban (sorry Josh) – gave me the inspiration to start a little series here.


  1. William Paul Young. Author of the Shack. One of my least favorite “Christian” books.
  2. Stieg Larson. Author of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” series. I just never caught onto the hype.
  3. Stephanie Meyer. Twilight series. Alright, I loved me some Twilight as a prepubescent teen & yeah, I admit I still watch the movies when they are on TV. However, I strongly dislike Meyer trying to milk the series (ie her newest book).
  4. Jen Hatmaker. Alright. I follow her on Instagram & I enjoy her photos…but I just really don’t care for her books. She’s not a bad writer…just not what I’m looking for as a Christian writer.
  5. Elizabeth Gilbert. Reason for dislike? Three words – Eat Pray Love
  6. Shauna Niequist. Would she let me be friends with her if I didn’t like her style of writing? I feel we’d be great friends – our love for food, family, and God…but I really don’t like her writing style. Don’t get me wrong though, she’s a good writer.
  7. Malala. Do you guys remember this book that swept the nation in 2014? A young woman, shot by the Taliban while fighting for education? While I acknowledge her experiences, I did not enjoy the book or her writing.
  8. Mitch Albom. Highly overrated books (5 People You Meet in Heaven)
  9. J.D. Salinger. I think the books were equally overrated as Mitch Albom & I think Salinger knew that – he just wanted to live in peace (forever a hermit author).
  10. F. Scott Fitzgerald. I think I dislike so many of these authors & books because these were the books that we learned about in school…and I don’t like analyzing books. I think it’s unimportant. A writer didn’t write a book for you to dissect it & make a Venn Diagram.

So what about you! What is your unpopular opinion on authors? Leave your answer in the comments.


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