Our Milwaukee Stay-Cation

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law called me and asked if my husband and I wanted to spend a free night downtown Milwaukee. She would babysit our 15 month old son. Whhhaattt? I jumped on that opportunity and am forever grateful for being blessed with such a wonderful sister.

Where did we stay?

Last Friday, we packed our car with snacks and our overnight bags. We drove the few miles to downtown, hubs played a little Pokémon Go, and we checked into the Intercontinental Hotel.

The lobby was beautiful! Hip, modern, and actually quite noisy as drinks were being served, music blaring, and chatter between other hotel guests.

There was an art gallery and the first floor was pretty wonderful. Though parking was a little annoying – we had to pay $28 for underground parking and had to walk our bags through the atrium of the joint buildings (like a local bank and Pabst Theater). We could have paid $33 for valet parking & it would have probably been worth it.

After checking in, we took the elevator to the 7th floor (it wasn’t a very high building). We entered our room and at first glance, it was extremely pleasant. I didn’t take photos, but we walked into a small living room with a television, a cute bathroom in the middle, and then a king-sized bed perched next to a large window overlooking the back of the hotel.

We loved the size of the bed – not having to fight over space like we usually do in our queen-sized bed. The sheets were a little rough and scratchy, but that’s usually normal in a hotel. Though the tv in our living room was a decent size and brand, our tv in the bedroom was a different story.

It was a zenith (did I spell that right?). It was silver, small, and the volume would randomly shut off and we had to turn the tv off and back on to fix it.

There were a few cracks in the ceiling and walls, you could see the wallpaper peeling, and we had paper thin walls. We heard every bathroom trip from our neighbors and we could even hear them turn on their lamp (we heard the clicking of the switch).

We had reservations to a restaurant down the street at 7pm, so we had an hour to spare and we were starving! We pulled out our snacks that we packed for Saturday.

Around 6:30, we grabbed our coats and walked to The Rumpus Room. It was freezing outside but the walk was pleasant. The atmosphere of the restaurant was really nice – small candles on each table, great smelling food, and my husband had eaten there before.

As an allergy sufferer, eating out is a big concern but the waitstaff was extremely helpful and I ordered a pork shoulder with brown butter, fried Brussels Sprouts, and acorn squash.

They even put a little allergy warning on my dish to warn others to not cross contaminate!

I have to say, it was the best meal I have ever eaten. The pork was so tender, even the small bits of fat just melted in your mouth. The squash and brown butter together were a match made in heaven as I resisted to lick my plate. Though I personally prefer my sprouts a little mushier, they were cooked to perfection.

We finished our amazing meals and walked back to the hotel, it was even colder than before.

Unfortunately we couldn’t manage tickets to see the Milwaukee Bucks playing just a few blocks away, so my husband hoped he could catch the game on tv once I fell asleep, but we didn’t get the channel. I think we fell asleep to Spongebob or Food Network or something.

The next morning, we woke up around 6am, and struggled to sleep the entire night. I guess we aren’t used to sleeping in new places. Our checkout was at 12pm, so we pulled out our snacks, turned on the tv, and relaxed. We really missed having baby-free mornings.

When we checked out, snow was on the forecast and we didn’t want to get stuck in a snowstorm, so we quick drove to Bayshore Mall. We had often visited it when we were dating. Hubs checked out the board game store while I hit up Barnes and Noble. I wanted to check out the other stores but since it was an outdoor mall and already started snowing, we decided to go home. The sidewalk was already slippery.

It took us forever to drive home in the weather but it was great to get home and give our son a big hug. Next vacation, we’ll bring him with.

Have you ever planned a stay-cation?

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