What I Read | February 2018

I think this is a record – eight books in a month? Well, okay, a record for me at least. Check out what books I picked up this month and don’t forget to take a peek at last months reads.

1| The Hate U Give

I saw this won the Goodreads Book of 2017 & I knew I had to read it the moment my local library carried it (cause I don’t spend money on books unless they are my favorites). I really did enjoy it, although it was technically a YA novel. At first, I thought it was nonfiction, but was surprised to find it to be a fiction book, since I don’t really read fiction. It really gives you insight to real-world problems that the black community faces and I recommend reading this ****

2| The Gift of Fear

This book was recommended to me by the Slay Babies FB group & I’m impressed. It was a little hard to get into, but I think I’m to blame because I wasn’t really feeling up to reading when I opened it up. The author makes points to prove how fear is in fact, a gift, and how to harness it correctly – also, to not confuse it with worry. ****

3| Etched In Sand

I spent a week reading memoirs about various forms of abuse & while I didn’t feel particularly moved by this story, she is a wonderful author and I do recommend reading this. ***

4| Glass Castle

I had heard of this book – and saw the trailer for the movie last year. I didn’t know how angry I’d feel while reading this book. I know there are abusive families all around the world, but this is insane. Even though her parents have access to money, they choose to live homeless, not caring that their children have to eat out of the trash. The entire book is infuriating but the author writes her story with such love – they are her parents and despite what she’s been through, she’ll love them forever. A very good, twisted read. *****

5| House Rules

This was my 2nd favorite book, between Glass Castle and Etching in the Sand. Unlike the other abuse stories, this girl lives in a white suburban home with plenty of food and clothes and on the outside, her family seems very privileged. Her doctor father, however, is extremely emotionally abusive and somewhat neglectful. From having her nails measured to writing apology letters that are forced to have phrases like, “I am a waste of space, a worthless girl who is undeserving of your forgiveness,”. This book is proof that you don’t need to be hit in order to suffer from abuse. *****

6| Voices From Chernobyl

Honestly, I couldn’t finish this. It was too hard to read these stories. Even if you don’t remember what Chernobyl was, pick this book up.

7| A False Report: A True Story of Rape In America

I received this book, for free, in exchange for my opinion. I liked it and again, like the other books I read this month, made me mad. The justice system for victims of rape is broken, like all branches of the justice system. ****

8| All The Light We Cannot See

Yes. I loved this book. A fiction that has won the Pulitzer, and for good reason. I have never read a book with so much description. Painting a picture for readers is a skill – an art form. I was able to be transported back in time to WW2, holding my breath and hoping my beloved characters live to the end of the book. *****

Do you think I’m on track to read 24 books this year? So far, I have read 13. How about you? What’s your 2018 reading goal?


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