Why I Deleted Facebook (and Why You Should Too)

I’ve been a Facebook addict ever since 2009, when my mom made an account and & I had to make one as well, because as a teenager, I couldn’t possibly have my mother be cooler than me.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Facebook is the sole contributor to my raising blood pressure.

My feed usually consists of political articles or videos of kids eating cake that was decorated to look like Tide Pods. If it wasn’t a waste of my time a few years ago, it for sure is now.

It used to be a way to connect with friends, to share photos to your family that live thousands of miles away, to grow & learn. You can clearly see that today, it’s becoming a thing of the past as activity is at a low and young adults like me are steering away from the social media giant.

I’ve been free from it for about two weeks now, and I don’t miss it for a moment. Especially these three type of people…

1| The people who share photos of the perfect moments of their life.

I don’t want to be judgmental. I have no issue with sharing the great moments of our lives on Facebook. However, I think there is a big problem with only sharing the good – we get sucked into the fake world, the world that shows all of our friends perfect moments, leaving out the struggles, so we compare our lives to Facebook’s perception of reality. It’s not healthy. I choose human interaction over virtual reality any day.

2| The people who are looking for an argument.

You know exactly what I’m referring to. Someone shares a political or religious belief & within an hour, there are hundreds of comments – people fighting and bullying others. Sure, I enjoy joining in to voice my opinion, but it gets tiring. Your mind isn’t changed, and neither is the person you are arguing with. We should save our energy and focus it on actually creating the change we wish to see.

3| The older people who don’t know how computers work.

I read that Facebook is being increasingly used by people older than 50 and younger generations are hardly using the platform anymore. I do not miss my Grandma Dee make posts in all CAPS, inviting me to give her a life in FarmVille 2, and friend requesting all of the Facebook users in the Midwest.

4| Women pushing MLM’s

Okay, so yeah, I know this one is a big one and I’m technically part of one, but I do not like how my inbox would be bombed with messages when I’d post something as simple as “I have a belly ache.” I understand how these companies can be helpful to families, but there are too many members and not enough clients.

(Did I miss one? Share in the comments!)

Now as a blogger/writer/journalist, I understand the importance of social media to get my name out there & it was a deciding factor in whether or not Facebook shouldn’t be on my radar anymore.

With Facebook changing its algorithm, bloggers and business owners see less and less traffic to their posts, even if they spend money to sponsor a post. That & the fact that hardly anyone in my reach is on Facebook anymore, it’s just like paddling one side of the boat.

So instead of working on Facebook, I can spend more time on Twitter, Instagram. WordPress, Pinterest, and whatever other trendy app is out there.

I promise, you’ll hardly miss Facebook once you no longer desire to constantly see what your middle school crush ate for breakfast.


5 thoughts on “Why I Deleted Facebook (and Why You Should Too)

  1. I’ve decided not to really go on there for some similar reasons. My main one was seeing all of the arguments on there, like you said. It seems like some people go online to argue. I personally don’t think arguing in person or online is any fun haha, so I don’t get it! Totally relate to this post! 🙂


  2. This might be true yes, but from my point of view, Facebook is the greatest referrer to my site and I doubt if I’d do without it. If you only contain boring feeds maybe then can one delete it but my feeds are usually so informative. Anyway, I’m really anticipating for that time when Pinterest will be my greatest referrer.


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