The Best Gift For Bird-Lovers

I am NOT a bird-watcher. I can hardly name the birds that fly through our backyard – Cardinal, crow, little brown fuzzballs, the ones that tweet incessantly in the morning so I drive myself crazy, etc.

My late-great grandparents were avid bird-watchers. Every morning, they would turn Seinfeld on, cradle their cups of coffee, and stare outside their large backyard window. If a squirrel interrupted their morning routine and tried stealing seed from their dozens of bird feeders, grandpa would run outside in slippers and pajamas and try to shoot them with a B.B. gun.

When we’d come to visit, they’d pull out their bird book and we’d help them find out which birds came for breakfast, though it was challenging at times since most of the birds were shades of brown and hard to distinguish from a 7 year old eyes.

While they passed years ago, and I still have little interest in birds, I’m still reminded of them when I glance outside at a brightly colored bird. That’s why I love this gift that I had a chance to review in exchange for my honest opinion…

These beautiful things are postcards! The hand drawn artistry is beautiful and the card-stock is thick and of excellent quality.

They are so pretty, I’m not sure I’m even going to use them as postcards. Maybe I’ll try to frame my favorites? Make an art project from them?

Have any ideas of what I should do?

If you’d like to own them yourself, they are available on Amazon starting today!

Published by Samantha Sali

Image-bearer. Jesus-seeker. Wife. Mother. Writer. Artist.

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