Our Adventure at Skyzone Trampoline Park

My youngest sister’s 10th birthday was on Friday & her birthday party was this weekend…at Skyzone!

Skyzone is a huge trampoline park near us – freestyle jumping, air basketball, free climbing wall, free jump into foam pit, dodgeball, etc.

We walked in & the place was chaotic and smelly. Dozens of unsupervised kids and stinky shoes laying everywhere made my aunt look like she needed an extra anxiety pill. It was quite overwhelming & given the stressful week I had, I wasn’t really interested in jumping. But I took great photos, most I won’t share because I want to protect my siblings privacy.

My mom bought a party package & was allowed 10 jumpers. The party was from 12:30-2:45. We had to wait 30 minutes to sign up and wait for all partygoers & were given one entire hour for jumping. It doesn’t seem like a long time, but yeah…after nonstop jumping, you’re pretty exhausted. At 2pm, we had access to the party room – where we were given 2 pitchers of soda and 2 sheets of pizza (which everyone agreed was amazing). Because you could bring in any extra treats for the kids, my mom rented a snow cone machine.

No lie, I had 4 snow cones. But don’t judge, I didn’t have pizza or soda.

We had 45 minutes to eat & open gifts, so time flew by and before you knew it, we were in the car and headed home.

I loved the jumping and how stress relieving it was. I wasn’t too keen on the chaos, but it was a weekend and there were 4 birthday parties before us. It was also odd because there was only one party room, so staying on schedule was a must, since all the people jumping were probably waiting until it was their hour for the room.

Would my mom do a party there again? Probably not – while jumping is something that will happen again, it could have been cheaper and less time crunched if we had jumped and then drove to a local pizza place instead.

Overall, it was a pretty great birthday party & Im happy to see my youngest sister bounce her way into the double digits.

Published by Samantha Sali

Image-bearer. Jesus-seeker. Wife. Mother. Writer. Artist.

6 thoughts on “Our Adventure at Skyzone Trampoline Park

  1. My daughter is just getting to birthday party age and gymnastics and trampoline places are all the rage. I agree- chaotic and smelly, LOL


  2. My friends talk about taking their kids to Skyzone and it sounds like so much fun! Not a fan or the smelliness though. Haha I bet it gets exhausting after just an hour of jumping! Perfect way to ware out the kiddos.


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