Celebrating the Women in My Life

You’ve met five inspirational women through my Celebrating Phenomenal Women series, all whom have pursued their dreams and gave wonderful advice to us all. However, you have yet to meet the five women that inspired me to start this series in the first place.

I originally wanted this up for Mother’s Day….but it took longer than expected to write. So for a belated holiday, I’d like to share a little information about each of these phenomenal ladies & hopefully they can provide you with some of the encouragement that has gotten me through life.

Let’s start with my mom.

My mom was a teen mom, who rose above the statistics and finished college with a degree in Public Relations. After working at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, she dropped her career for her family. After leaving my emotionally abusive and neglectful father, she’s developed into her own person again and I couldn’t be prouder. She has a job in her degree field, despite the struggles of being out of work for years. She’s a big part of the church and donates her time looking after adorable puppies.

If you’re looking to blame someone for my cleaning skills, my thirst for chaos, and indecisiveness, you can look to her. She’s also the force behind my self-expression in writing/art, my idealism, my passion, and general quirkiness.

The best advice she’s ever received?

Learn how to say no. Create boundaries and be cautious of those who don’t respect when you say no.


My grandma has been through a lot in her life and as been the catalyst on why I am the curious woman I’ve become. She’s hard working, strong-willed, and extremely organized (the opposite of me). I’m as stubborn as she and we often share the same level of impracticality.

The best advice she’s ever received?

Be patient in life. Don’t worry to much about what other people think of what you do or say or wear. 


People are surprised when they hear Nana isn’t related to me, despite her telling strangers I’m her “love child”. At a time when my mom and I needed her most, Nana stepped up to help. In many ways, she’s one of the big reasons why I even exist. She’s always been a hard worker and a kind soul (I know family will snicker as I use kind to describe her, but despite her hard outer shell, she is an extremely kind woman who only wants the best for her loved ones). We share our bad habit of gossiping but despite that, she tried to instill values, like how to be practical, stubborn, perceptive, and direct…though I am not often practical or direct.

The best advice she’s ever received?

Live in the present.


Both Auntie and Nana transformed themselves into what I needed at the time, as I grew up. They both took turns taking on the role of mother, friend, sister, therapist and stood by me during the toughest years. Auntie is the most dedicated, persistent, hard-working woman I have ever met. I feel her selflessness cannot be matched, despite my best efforts.

The best advice she’s ever received?

Pick what you get and be glad what you got. Live in the moment. You can do anything you put your mind to. The harder you fight, the harder you fall. 

Sister in Law

I was the firstborn in my family and was happy to be the oldest, but some part of me always had hoped for an older sister. Though I had Nana and Auntie, I was looking for a true sister. I loved the dynamic of the stereotype – stealing her clothes, driving her crazy, secretly looking up to her as a role model, etc. God knew what was on my heart because when I met my husband, I was also blessed with a big sister.

Actually, I was blessed with an entire family who is so wonderful and is the complete opposite of my dysfunctional family. She’s an inspiration to so many of the women I know, even my mom feels encouraged by her independence and her resilience. When she’s not working in the medical field, she’s volunteering to help her friends, praying over her family, and traveling the world. She’s been to so many places including Ireland, Iceland, Prague, and Italy. My sister-in-law and I share our hopes of harmony in our relationships and we often are too altruistic. She’s such an encourager and she entered my life at exactly the right time.

The best advice she’s ever received?

The little things that you get upset over don’t really matter.

You all are beautiful ladies, inside and out (despite what you think about yourselves). Thank you for being there for me. ☺️❤️


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