Review | God’s Not Dead: We the People

The hit-franchise, God’s Not Dead, is releasing it’s 3rd film in a few short days & I was given the opportunity to screen it before it hit theaters. My family enjoys the inspirational film series, but I was particularly looking forward to it because the plot revolves around rights of homeschoolers.

David A.R. White reprises his role as “Reverend Dave”, who is called to defend the church’s homeschool co-op when the government interferes. He’s called all the way to Washington DC (including other castmates including Francesca Battistelli, playing a homeschooling mother) to defend his beliefs in a congressional hearing, pleading the rights that parents have to educate their own children how they see fit.

Prior to watching the movie, I came across a few Christian memes about ‘We the People’, most making fun of the idea that it’s unrealistic and works up viewers for no reason at the idea of their rights being taken away in real life. These rights are very much under attack and governments around the world are implementing education rules under the guise of “for the children” when their true purpose is control, indoctrination, and the further removal of God from people’s lives. Here are some headline articles for further reading:

Lawsuit: DC Law Could Erode Legal Foundation for Homeschooling
Home-Schooling Parent In Worcester Was Arrested In Her Home. Now She’s Suing
Worcester homeschooling lawsuit is dismissed
Homeschool Mom Files Lawsuit after Children Wrongly Taken from Home
Homeschooling Regulations Must Prioritize the Needs of Students (Homeschooling is a system that can enable abuse…)
UN agency attacks homeschooling
Small Group Goes to Great Lengths to Block Homeschooling Regulation
CPS: “Strip-Searching Kids is OK.”
‘Genderbread’ tackles gender issues for elementary school kids
How the Religious Right Continues to ‘Poison Everything’
Here’s why Gen Z may be least religious in U.S. history

The movie helped encourage and remind me that my children’s educations are worth fighting for, and if ever put in the position, to not bend to the will of the world’s opinion for the sake of my child.

Get your tickets to see God’s Not Dead: We the People (only in theaters on October 4th, 5th, & 6th!). Buy tickets here.

Many thanks to Pinnacle Peak for providing this product for review. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.

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