A Case for Heaven Review

Best-selling author, Lee Strobel, is most famously known for his book, The Case for Christ, which was published in 1998 (and the movie in 2017). As a journalist and atheist, Strobel sought to disprove that Jesus is the Son of God, which only lead him to building a case proving otherwise. It’s no surprise that Strobel is no longer an atheist and his book soared to top the best-selling list.

Twenty-four years later, this former atheist turned Christian apologist uncovers his next investigation: What happens after we die?

The Case for Heaven documentary will be exclusively streaming on Pure Flix starting today and includes real-life stories and interviews from Eric Owyoung, John Burke, Steve Caballero, Francis Chan, and Luis Palau.

Christian or not, we all find ourselves asking the same questions as Strobel did: What happens next? What happens if I close my eyes and don’t open them again in this world? Does the soul survive physical death? What is the evidence we have a soul and that it can survive? Would a loving Father really hide Himself and require blind belief from children He loves so much? Can science and belief in God coexist? Does free will exist?

If you are new to this topic of Heaven, or are not 100% certain about life after death, this is a movie I’d recommend.

Click here to watch now on Pure Flix.

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Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opin-
ions are 100% my own.


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