Our Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum

Not even joking, it took a year of researching, praying, and considering before we settled on a curriculum. We debated on waiting until next year, then we had to decide over what specifically we should start on. People have strong opinions in this area! “Start with the 50 States!”…”No…start with the beginning of America!” “…Actually, you should connect history with the beginning of Genesis”. There are HUNDREDS of choices, brands, topics, themes, learning styles, etc. I LOVE history, but I didn’t like style of memorizing people and dates like math facts. I love the type of history where you immerse yourself in a particular time, where you read about and feel connected to people, where history is humanized, and you’re not complaining that subject is boring.

With all that said, TruthQuest curriculum what we finally decided on and I am thrilled! It’s basically a huge, organized list of books for children and parents to read relating to a specific person or topic, focusing on historic truths and how God’s hands are at work in all parts of history. Some activities are included, but it’s mostly a lot of snuggling up, reading great books, and having great conversations as a family. Fischer will be learning about American exploration up to 1800 by reading books that we mostly can find at the library. As an example, when learning about Christopher Columbus, there are over 33 book titles to choose from based on age, interest, and availability, most free through the library or through archives. We could pick 1 or two, or all 30+ (like Columbus by Ingri & Edgar d’Aulaire or Noko by Wilma Hays, a fiction book based on the actual diaries of the son of an Indian chief who was taken captive by Columbus). We spend more time on Columbus through reading, watching videos, or activities…or we can graze over and spend more of our time with Amerigo Vespucci. From Leif Ericson, to pirates, to Jamestown, Pocahontas, the Pilgrims, Native Americans, Ben Franklin, the 13 colonies, Pioneers, 1776, etc. There are also book recommendations for parents, so they can follow along in learning & help further support learning of their kiddos. A field trip to the museum, Richfield Historical Society, Buckskinners Encampment, and Old World Wisconsin are hoping to be planned as well through the year. It was $25 and the accompanying activity book was $18. A kind stranger gifted us a Kindle paperwhite, so we can have better access to some older book recommendations we can’t find at our library.

Happy Homeschooling!


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