Our Homeschool Routine

This is the general rhythm we followed last year, and it worked well enough we are doing it again:

Monday through Friday are always math, Bible, & language arts/reading. Mondays & Wednesdays we add Social Studies. Tuesday/Thursday we add Science onto the schedule. Fridays are piano.

We have a rough schedule of extracurricular activities- a trip to the library about once a week, a field trip at least once a month, Friday soccer (or homeschool gym in the winter), and other organized activities for homeschool families.

The only new thing we are doing this year is implementing a better morning routine which can be explained here (or you can just Google search homeschool morning basket: https://simplelivingmama.com/homeschool-morning-basket/

The shortest way I can explain it is, you have the ability to rotate through other learning areas, without making it a core focus. Rainy day? Maybe more basket topics. A rough cranky morning? Maybe we’ll skip the regular schedule and just work from the basket. We have picked topics of interest and made some goals for the fall season. We have a Bible verse to memorize, a habit to focus on, a hymn to sing and memorize, we chose to read Mr Poppers Penguins (with a reward of watching the movie when we are finished), fine motor skills craft. Fischer loves listening to classical music too, so we picked one composer that we will listen to and learn more about.

We tried doing this style of morning routine before, only because it was a part of a curriculum we had. I loved the idea, but it felt overwhelming because the focuses and topics changed weekly and it didn’t give us enough time to absorb what was introduced. An entire season to work on a morning basket seems much more attainable.

Happy Homeschooling!


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