Intents for 2023

I intend on continuing on focusing on things above and living with John 3:30 in mind.

I intend on continuing working on embroidery.

I’ve been researching and drafting a secret writing project, so I intend on making said project a priority in my free time.

I intend to keep focused on homeschooling.

I intend on reading more this year.

I intend on getting myself ready for the day instead of living in sweatshirts and my baggy comfy pants.

I intend on nurturing new friendships I’ve made in 2022.

I read the entire Bible this year, so I intend to dive into a deeper, slower study of it in 2023.

I intend on spending more time outdoors.

I intend on continuing my habit of spending time with God every morning.

I intend to continue trying to switch to tea again instead of coffee.

I intend to not neglect prayer.

I intend on people seeing Jesus through me – to model patience, forgiveness, grace, love, kindness, perseverance, etc.


Published by Samantha Sali

Image-bearer. Jesus-seeker. Wife. Mother. Writer. Artist.

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