Products I Loved in 2022 – Books, Homeschool, Fashion, Home, & Kids


Kindle Paperwhite – I still prefer physical books, but I LOVE my paperwhite to check out books from the library. I don’t have to worry about losing a book or forgetting to return it, and like I told my SIL, it’s perfect to take on vacation (or soccer games) instead of lugging a book.

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook – Another staple in the home, a great resourceful book!

The Story of Liberty – Love history? Get this book. Hate history? Get this book. It’s not like the history you sat through in high school. Real stories, real people, very well put together and researched.

Bible Case – I wanted a simple design with no words, which was difficult to find. When searching bible cases for women, very fancy floral with words were common. I just wanted something basic.

Bible Tabs – Easy to apply and read, fits into the Bible case above.

Health & Beauty

Fish Oil – Don’t worry, it’s lemon flavor so it’s 0% fishy flavor. I just chase it with some juice because I don’t like the texture of swallowing oil. I spent quite a bit of time researching quality fish oil to incorporate into my diet.

Mary Ruth’s Zinc – We use this consistently when sickness runs through our home.

Moisturizer – I use this every single day and it has not given me any acne, perfectly lightweight.

Argan Oil Shampoo – My go-to for the past few years, other shampoos were irritating my scalp and it took some time before finding one that my hair and scalp can tolerate.


Mother Culture – I loved getting this book at the beginning of our homeschool journey, a great resource and encourager.

Math U See – A great curriculum for visual learners!

Wonder Filled Days – I feel like I’ve been repeating this over and over since I came across this resource. I stand by it wholeheartedly.

Home Goods

Rice Cooker/Steamer – I purchased this with the intent on steaming foods, not realizing that it only steams like one serving of veggies or fish. Regardless, it is still a great rice cooker and a staple in my life.

Phone Case – I spent days looking for the perfect phone case for my butterfinger hands, and this was recommended to me. Hands down the best phone case for those that drop their phone often.

Bottle Cleaner Tabs – Do you have a stainless steel coffee mug or water bottle that needs a good cleaning? I’ve been using these for years now, so easy and simple to use. The mug comes out looking brand new and every stain is gone with zero effort.

Stationary – This is my go-to stationary set.

File Folders – A great filing system, with different colors. I use them to save important documents relating to the kids and items I need to sign and mail out.

Grocery Boxes – Bye-bye grocery bags, these are my favorite to bring to Aldi or to carry all our library books. It can carry a heavy weight, we’ve shoved so many books in them.

Krud Kutter – I use this to get the grossest, stickiest, grimiest gunk off the floor and tile. A little goes a long way and it’s a staple in my deep cleaning supply list.

Sewing Machine – When my husband gifted me this 7 years ago, it was only $99! Now it’s double the price, but I still love it and would buy it again.

O-Cedar Mop – The holy grail of mops, I LOVE mopping with this mop.


Swimsuit – During our family vacation, I needed to buy a new suit. I despise looking for swimsuits because I have such a long torso and high shoulders, plus add in a bigger bust. This is slimming, modest, and comfortable.

Leggings – My favorite stretchy, non-see-through comfortable leggings, the only ones I wear.

Hiking Backpack – This folds into itself because it’s super lightweight, great to pack in your luggage for traveling.

Shell Case for Macbook – A cute floral cover that I’m not sure actually protects my laptop, but does provide peace of mind.

Headcoverings – Garlands of Grace chiffon style is my favorite. Pricey, but it’d be more expensive if I tried making it myself.


Kid’s Indoor Tent – I’m 5’8 and I can comfortably get inside this tent. It is so easy to put up and take apart (once you get the hang of it). A great gift idea!

Kid’s Digital Camera – The best Christmas gift we got for our son, purchased during Black Friday so it was significantly cheaper than it is now (I wouldn’t pay the original $50 for it).

Plastic Kitchen Knives – If you have an eager kitchen helper, these knives are so handy. Not only do they actually work, it provides some great training with knives!

Creative Flakes – These I stumbled upon by another mom blogger who used these in her morning baskets. We love them!

I’m not an affiliate, so I don’t make a cent if you click any of the links – just sharing a few things that brought joy or made life a little easier.

with love, Samantha


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