Seeking the Kingdom

A few years back, I started a Podcast called Seeking the Kingdom, which was inspired by Matthew 6:33 (“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”).

My pride and conceit was an immediate issue with my pursuit of creating this podcast. In retrospect, I should have been attending Bible classes as a student instead of rushing in blindly as a teacher. To make matters worse, I very seldom put God first in my life, so what right did I have to even speak on the subject in the first place?

While I was a Christian between 2011 and 2019, I was often trapped in a sinful cycle and reaping the consequences – I was this selfish baby Christian who’s motivation was frequently, and selfishly, using my limited knowledge of the Bible to create a career for myself in writing, speaking, or influencing. With my limited understanding of the verse and a skewed motivation for the podcast, it’s no surprise that my podcasting efforts were fruitless because I wasn’t even abiding in Matthew 6:33.

While my intentions were unrighteous in many ways, I still had divine faith in Matthew 6:33. Even if I couldn’t explain the theology of it at the time or apply it to my life, I still knew it was true. Between then and now, I struggled in dying to my old self and stumbling in holiness with Christ and as my pursuits faded, I had enough sense to apply my faith to press forward as the young, naive Christian I was. Naturally, as I began to apply these words, God worked in my heart and my life, providing me with His Truth rather than the “truth” that I had summoned from my limited world experiences.

As the Truth was revealed to me, I realized just how much Scripture repeats this and how much we need to hear it: Seek God. Love Him with your whole heart. Devote your life to Him. Pick up your cross and follow Him.

These are words I knew and heard of, but the weight they carried did not affect me until I better understood Christ on Calvary. Even more, I know that it’s not something that I can even force other people to believe. Just as the words were once read to me fell onto deaf ears, they also fall onto the deaf ears to some who hear me quote it now.

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