There are a few defining moments in a persons life that help shape how they live and grow. The first moment I can confidently share happened in 2011 when I surrendered myself to Christ on a rare, fog-free day in San Francisco. It was then that I was directed towards a new path of love, healing, creativity, servitude, and family.

I graduated high school as a homeschool student in 2012, but I wouldn’t put that label on myself, because I was only homeschooled for my senior year. Before that, I had the opportunity to attend Milwaukee High School of the Arts.

From there, I attended two years of college at UW-Milwaukee before dropping out. I went in believing that teaching was probably the best fit for me, but it wasn’t what I felt called to do deep down. I felt called to a life of service and creativity, but I don’t think even our pastor at the time would have encouraged me to not go to college. I was raised to believe that if I didn’t go to college, I needed to go to trade school, otherwise I would have “wasted my potential”.

After my brief time at college, I moved out of Milwaukee and settled into a new season of life where I became a wife, writer, and eventually a mother.

While my most important, highest calling, is caring for and tending to my family, I feel very much connected to myself, God, and the world when I am able to express myself creatively. I’ve always found writing and art to be therapeutic and a wonderful way to share my stories and beliefs.

No matter what I accomplish or led to do, I always try to be an image-bearer (Genesis 1:27), a truth-teller (Proverbs 12:17), and a Jesus-seeker (Luke 14:27) in the ministry of family, church, art, and writing.

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