The year of 2011 changed my life. I surrendered myself to Jesus on a rare, fog-free day, in San Francisco. He then showed me the path that He had for me – a path completely opposite of the plan I had previously made for myself.

Today, I live with my husband (“T”) and my five month old baby (“F”). When I’m not changing diapers & spending time with family, I am working for the Lord. Sometimes that means I am here, writing away. Other times it means I am pursing my certification in Women’s Ministry, freelance writing, or cultivating relationships for Him.

Whatever I do, I try to be an image-bearer (Genesis 1:27), a truth-teller (Proverbs 12:17), and a Jesus-seeker (Luke 14:27).

A few fun facts…

-Verbalization is not my strong suit (hence why I write)
-Lemon Ginger tea is my go-to warm drink of choice. Lemonade is my cold go-to.
-My all-time fav tv shows are The Office, Lost, Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Call The Midwife. My current favs are This Is Us.
-I have a chipped front tooth, which happened during an unfortunate water slide incident.
-Yes, I have two huge dimples. Yes, I can hold quarters in them.
-My fav bible verse is Romans 12:9-21
-I met my husband in college…he invited me to a Cru meeting & tried to evangelize
-I prefer shopping at thrift stores (watch ‘The True Cost’)
-I was a vegetarian for the majority of my teenage years.
-Currently, I am on an allergen-free / immune support diet
-I prefer swimming, Pilates, and biking over contact sports.

I’d love to get to know you too! Stay a while…introduce yourself…let’s connect!