17 Body-Positive Influencers to Follow on Instagram

I try to be intentional about who I follow on Instagram because what’s on my feed influences my life, whether I know it or not. Here are 17 body-positive accounts that help me cultivate a good relationship with my mind and body.

1. @SarahhhRae

2. @BeatingEatingDisorders

3. @bodyimage_therapist

4. @livinginthehotpink

5. @themirnavator

6. @lizzobeeating

7. @jessprocini

8. @homebodytherapy

9. @Jennifer_rollin

10. @counselorkate

11. @foodpeacedietitian

12. @positivebodyimage

13. @theintuitive_rd

14. @drcolleenreichmann

15. @bodyposipanda

16. @kristamurias

17. @visiblyplussize

Following someone that should be on this list? Drop your suggestions in the comments, I’d love to check new accounts out!

My 2020 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Tomorrow marks the first day of 2020, so what better way to get a head start to having a great year than sharing my resolution list – I made one last year, Click here to see my Look Back of 2019

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