A Look Back at 2019

My family is closing the 2019 year with sickness, which made me start thinking about what my vision for 2020 is. I couldn’t have 2020 vision (hehe, get it?) without looking back at what this past year held for my family and I. Here is a quick look at some of the things that happened in 2019:

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Overcoming stress while shopping for Christmas gifts

I LOVE Christmas.

I love the music, the decor, the general joyful feeling…and if I had it my way, I’d start celebrating the moment Halloween was over.

While my family isn’t on board with my desire to decorate or blare Nat King Cole, the most I can do is start planning out gifts. Since before Halloween (let’s just say all year), I have been marking ideas on Amazon and Etsy for those family members who didn’t make a Christmas Wish List. What to buy a wish-less person can be quite challenging. My husband is one of those people & I found the safest bet for gifts for him are movies.

He loves movies as much as I love Christmas. He has a list of all the movies he watched and what year (yeah…lol…I know).

This year, one of the movies I’m wrapping for him is Overcomer, the #1 inspiration family film of 2019.

I think the movie is made by the same people who made War Room, Facing the Giants, and The Love Dare. My husband and I have a vast collection of movies and have dedicated a section of the shelf to Christian movies. I can’t wait to add this wonderful movie to the list! It will be available this December (just in time for holiday shopping!).

For more information on the movie, where to buy, or resources for your church/family, visit the Overcomer website by clicking HERE.