10 Blogs I’m Following This Fall

Keeping up with blogging is hard. Seriously guys. It’s nothing like it used to be just a few years ago, especially since all social media has changed their algorithms so you don’t see the things I post. That doesn’t even include how hard it is to make connections with other bloggers – the first connection I ever made was with an amazing woman with the same name as mine (which is why we became friends). Since we sort of part ways, I miss working with her.

So I found ten blogs that I’ve started reading lately & shared them with you, in the hopes that maybe one day we can connect!

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22 Things I Learned During 6 Years of Blogging


I have been blogging for at least six years now & I feel like I’ve encountered a lot. I’ve made great posts. I’ve made horribly embarrassing posts. I’ve made blogging friends. I’ve started over dozens of times. I’ve created one very successful blog. I’ve created multiple low-quality blogs. I’ve learned a lot & today, I’d like to share these lessons with you:

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How To Start a Christian Blog

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Starting a blog is simultaneously the most exciting and scariest thing you can possibly attempt online – well, at least I think so. From the stress of picking the perfect name, finding a open domain, writing posts that don’t sound like diary entries, and getting more people than your mother to read said posts….it’s a lot to take in.

I’ve created this resource for those who have decided to pursue blogging as either a hobby or full-time job. While this IS aimed at beginners, I’ll try to add some content that can help even the most seasoned blogger.

So, you want to start a blog?

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