Evangelism Tools for Children

Evangelism is a very important part of my family’s life.

My husband and I started talking to each other because he decided to evangelize to me. We both attended CRU meetings in college, which advocated strongly for evangelism. We took a trip with our friends from CRU during spring break & evangelized to the students partying.

And today, while our big days of evangelism seem behind us, we still have one important task. One calling that God has clearly bestowed upon us. Evangelizing to our son.

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How To Find Joy In The Everyday

When I think of God’s purpose for our lives – the Great Commission – I picture myself leading a youth homeless shelter or building schools in third world countries. I have a hard time picturing myself doing what I do every day – cleaning, raising my child, developing relationships with family and friends, going grocery shopping…but what if my role was just important as digging wells in South America?

God doesn’t see our 9-5 job as mundane. Or the “life wasted” by the stay at home parent. In fact, He knows something that we often forget:

It’s through the ordinary lives of His people that work to fulfill His promises. 

While we can’t see what God is working and planning, He knows what’s up. He knows that through this particular job we have, we will make a connection with a fellow employee. He knows that after years of boogers and dirty diapers, that child will one day fulfill His plan. He knows that although we can’t stand doing laundry, it can bring us closer to the Lord.

So how can we find joy when we don’t know why we are placed where we are? How can we enjoy the mundane?

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When God Made You

This Sunday, our sweet 5 month old will be dedicated to the Lord (Luke 2:21-40). When “F” is old enough to understand Jesus & all His glory, we will encourage him to pursue baptism. As baptism is a personal, public decree of believing & surrendering your life to God, we do not feel that babies need to be baptized (that’s a whole other post). My baptism was not special to me because I don’t remember it & I didn’t have a choice. At a later time, both my husband and I plan on getting re-baptized, but for now, we are just focusing on getting our son dedicated.

Anyways, to mark the special occasion, we wanted to gift our baby with a small gift as a way to remember this special day.

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I Am Wild & Free


Our Anthem

The world may tell us we’re too much and never enough.
But we can walk wildly in who God created us to be
and rest freely in the work Jesus did for us.
We do not have to be confined or conformed
by cultural expectations.
We are unchained from our past and unafraid of our future.
We choose compassion over comparison.
We love without condition, without reserve.
Our eyes are on God, we hold nothing back,
we run fast & strong, we do not hide our light.
We aren’t wild and free for our sake alone, rather we sing life,
hope, and truth over the world with abandon
– just as our God sings over us.
We are wild and free. And we are poised to
do mighty things, in Christ alone.

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The Ministry of Motherhood

I picked up Sally Clarkson’s book, “The Ministry of Motherhood”, purely based off of Goodreads reviews (pretty much five stars) and the fact that I’ve been eager to open my literary heart to books related to motherhood and raising children. Though I am only a quarter of the way through, I’ve realized what a fantastic resource this book is. Sally is a fantastic writer, whom often paints amazing pictures of what biblical times may have looked like.

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Jesus First, America Second

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America is one of the only countries that celebrates patriotism in a church sanctuary…but does it really belong there?

As the 4th of July is tomorrow, I’m not only reminded of how our country was founded, the many men & women who have fought for our freedom, and those specific freedoms that were fought for, I can’t help but also think of the over-patriotic citizens.

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