Breaking The Stigma of Mental Illness


There is a stigma surrounding mental health that needs to be broken. People suffering with these illnesses are bounded by the stereotypes that tend to follow them. They are frequently described as dangerous, unpredictable, incompetent, irresponsible, undeserving, dishelved, and hopeless. These descriptions could be farther from the truth, but lack of knowledge surrounding these mental diseases create prejudices. Fear is the number one judgement, followed by exclusion. Society tends to distress over the mental health of an individual and prohibited from joining in social activities and the general community.

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The Case Against Cow’s Milk

got milk

I haven’t had cow’s milk in well over a year & my husband made the switch to almond milk a few months back.


We both found that our bodies couldn’t handle milk – leaving us with belly aches, stuffy noses, and a lowered immune system.

After noticing how we both felt better after cutting milk out of our diets, I started to look at why. Was milk as healthy as we had been raised to believe? Or were we just one of the many dairy-sensitive folks?

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