Guest Blogger: Cierra Tipton


I remember sitting in my son’s rocking chair…it was 2am and my beautiful baby boy was having some troubles going to sleep. He was fussy and crying but nothing I was doing seemed to calm him…I remember thinking to myself, “I’m his mother. How can I not even calm my own child? Maybe I’m not ready…maybe I’m not meant to be a mother…I’m just making matters worse…”

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101 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Happy New Year everyone!

I figured I’d start 2018 off by doing a “101 Things” list. Now if you’re not familiar with this, you pick 101 things to write about – facts about yourself, books you want to read, your favorite movies, etc. Then, you nominate five fellow bloggers to do the same thing.

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Movie of the Year: The Star

“That looks so cute!”, my mother-in-law exclaimed. I glanced up from my phone to see what she was talking about – a cute animated movie trailer about animals during Jesus’ birth.

That was weeks ago & unfortunately, I haven’t seen the trailer since. I didn’t know the name or what it was exactly about. However, I did my own digging and after watching the full trailer, I’m positive it will be a movie our family will watch every Christmas.

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Motherhood In The Trenches

“How can this possibly be God’s plan for me?”, I mutter to myself after changing yet another poop explosion diaper.

I’m 7 months in to this whole motherhood thing & there are days where I doubt my role & path. The voices of others are particularly strong when I have those days of doubts. I’m not normally doubtful – I very much enjoy my role as a wife and mother. But on “those” days, I can’t help but repeat the voices that have told me “I can’t” or “this is wasteful”.

Should I continue being a stay-at-home-mother?

Is that even what I am? Can I consider my “profession” as a writer or author?

Am I wasting my life tending home & raising little ones?

Is there value in my role as a mother?

In Titus 2:3-5, Paul urges the older women to teach the younger women to “love their husbands and children…and to be busy at home” (Greek translation is “home-worker” or “homemaker”. There are several instances in the bible that show that being a mother is not just a good role, but a role of the highest standard – as we would not have teachers, priests, doctors, and leaders without mothers.

In addition to scripture, I am reminded of the joyous task of motherhood & homemaking by one of my favorite authors, Sally Clarkson (who’s view on motherhood is something to look up to):

A mother, living well in her God-ordained role, is of great beauty and inestimable value to the future history of any generation. Her impact is irreplaceable and necessary to the spiritual formation of children who will be the future adults of the next generation. Fun, comfort, humor, graciousness, spiritual passion, compassion for the lost, hospitality, chores, meals, training life-giving words, hours and hours of listening and playing and praying and reading – all are parts of the mosaic which go into the process of soul development.

I don’t just want my kids to be moral. I don’t just want them to know all of the biblical rules for behavior. I don’t just want them to make it through my home with good grades, no drug addiction, and no premarital sex. I want them to leave my home with a hunger and passion to know God personally and to be used by Him to accomplish great things for his kingdom.

Motherhood isn’t just a biblical duty. It’s a ministry of discipleship & I feel extremely blessed to be honored with the chance to impart God’s love onto my son. On days I struggle with accepting my role or when doubt is placed there, I look to my son who reminds me that it’s worth the long nights & I look to God who will be able to one day show me the fruits of my labor (literally lol).

Life Documented | Winter 2017


We started the year off with my husband, T, jobless. He was let go mid-December. Members of our family expressed their worry, concern, and sincere apologies as T started his job search. I know T was a little worried, as he had to find a way to provide for a wife and baby…but for the most part, both of us trusted the Lord. We knew that He would help lead T to the perfect job.

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My 2017 New Years Resolutions

My 2016 word(s) of the year were: Serve and simplicity.

My 2017 word(s) of the year are: Intentional & Cultivate

Why I chose these words:

Intentional:  I want to intentionally pursue a deeper relationship with the Lord and those closest to me. I also do a lot of things randomly & struggle with stopping/thinking/praying before jumping into a new task. I want to be more intentional about my choices and the things that I pursue.

Cultivate: I hope to cultivate authenticity, kindness, and wholeheartedness with God, my husband, my child, my friends & family, those whom I’ve alienated in 2016, and strangers. I don’t want to work towards my goals for selfish reasons, but to glorify Him, so I must cultivate with intent.

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