A Case for Heaven Review

Best-selling author, Lee Strobel, is most famously known for his book, The Case for Christ, which was published in 1998 (and the movie in 2017). As a journalist and atheist, Strobel sought to disprove that Jesus is the Son of God, which only lead him to building a case proving otherwise. It’s no surprise thatContinue reading “A Case for Heaven Review”

Tyson’s Run Movie Review

If you are excited about the upcoming Hallmark Christmas in July (featuring cheesy fan-favorite holiday movies) or enjoy movies like Overcomer and War Room, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this new feel-good, family-friendly movie, “Tyson’s Run”, which my family found to be the perfect warm-hearted movie to watch on our weekly family movie night. Tyson’sContinue reading “Tyson’s Run Movie Review”