Book Review | Hunger, A Memoir of My Body

I didn’t know what to expect when reading this book – I had no clue who Roxane Gay was but the title was enticing.

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Book Review | Behind Her Eyes

With an average 4 star review, I looked forward to reading this. I don’t read much fiction and I’m pretty particular about what genres I like. This was a thriller, something I hardly ever read. I’m not sure if my inexperience reading thrillers effected my review, because it’s not a good one.

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Celebrating the Women in My Life

You’ve met five inspirational women through my Celebrating Phenomenal Women series, all whom have pursued their dreams and gave wonderful advice to us all. However, you have yet to meet the five women that inspired me to start this series in the first place.

I originally wanted this up for Mother’s Day….but it took longer than expected to write. So for a belated holiday, I’d like to share a little information about each of these phenomenal ladies & hopefully they can provide you with some of the encouragement that has gotten me through life.

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Dear Dad | A Letter to My Emotionally Abusive Father

There have been a lot of people who have told me how strong and brave I am for starting to speak out against the abuse my biological father inflicted on me, but honestly, I have always felt I was hiding behind my blog/book. It’s easier for me to write down my feelings – it comes as a second nature. Speaking, however, is extremely challenging. I didn’t fail my public speaking class in high school, but sharing my feelings verbally is…well, it feels impossible most days.

Last year, I wrote a letter to my dad that I never sent. Now that I finally want to, I know he isn’t going to read it and he isn’t going to care, so I recorded myself to share with you all. When I first wrote the letter, I made the choice to not spend any more time thinking about my dad because he doesn’t deserve my time. So, this video is not for him, despite the title. It’s really for anyone who has gone through the same things that I have – to show that there is hope, to prove that you can find the strength to face your abuser, and this is for my sisters who are still living with my dad.

The Top 10 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

In 2015, I self-published my first book¬†and since then, I’ve been asked questions about my experience: Am I proud of the book? Did I make any mistakes? Would I self-publish again? Can I get it professionally published?

I’d love to answer all of your questions – so I’m going to start writing articles for you about publishing. It took me years to find myself as a writer and establish writing jobs. I had to spend hours on blogs and Pinterest to learn everything. I hope to share what I’ve learned with you – starting with the top mistakes a self-published author can make.

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