I’m Afraid to Have Baby #2 After Anxiety & PPD

January 2016 was the month I found out I was pregnant with my first child. It was also the month that spun me into a tangled mess of crippling anxiety. The pregnancy got pretty intense early on. I started feeling that morning sickness – all day. Weeks turned into months and I only could stomachContinue reading “I’m Afraid to Have Baby #2 After Anxiety & PPD”

Guest Blogger: Cierra Tipton

I remember sitting in my son’s rocking chair…it was 2am and my beautiful baby boy was having some troubles going to sleep. He was fussy and crying but nothing I was doing seemed to calm him…I remember thinking to myself, “I’m his mother. How can I not even calm my own child? Maybe I’m notContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Cierra Tipton”