Study Revelation With Us | 1:1-2:7

Hi friends! I want to share something absolutely amazing with you involving my sister. She has daily Bible time, though it’s almost always on her phone. Occasionally a video or another book is involved, but that’s it. She usually gets Bible time done in the morning as well, so then in the evening, she hasContinue reading “Study Revelation With Us | 1:1-2:7”

Study Revelation With Us | Intro

Hi friends! My sister and I are jumping into an in-depth study of Revelations and I decided to share those resources on here. I often find that churches opt to swerve away from preaching on Revelation. It’s the most confusing of all 66 books of the Bible, and frankly, many are anxious to even attemptContinue reading “Study Revelation With Us | Intro”