I Cut Gluten From My Life & Lost 40 Pounds

Say what? I don’t eat gluten, dairy, egg, or soy? Yup. I also cut out nuts. That means no bread, no milk, no mac and cheese, no ice cream, no oreos, no christmas cookies, no chocolate bars… Why did I do this? For years, I struggled with my weight, with acne, stomach pain, bathroom problems,Continue reading “I Cut Gluten From My Life & Lost 40 Pounds”

Super Easy Banana Cream Torte

This past Sunday, we dedicated our baby to the Lord. Afterwards, we came home to eat & celebrate with friends. The biggest hit that everyone LOVED was my banana cream torte. Because I’m feeling nice today, I’ll share the recipe from you (which has been modified from Paula Deen’s “ain’t your mommas banana pudding). Ingredients:Continue reading “Super Easy Banana Cream Torte”