A Love Letter Life | Book Review

I’m not a hardcore fan of the Roloff’s (the authors of this new book) and I received this book free to review in exchange for my opinion. Neither of these two things affected my review of “A Love Letter Life”. The core principles that guide this book is solid and I’d recommend it to severalContinue reading “A Love Letter Life | Book Review”

I Hate Wearing Jeans, & That’s Okay

Let’s time travel to the early 2000’s when I was a young girl, the days where I only went by Sam – notice the Orlando Bloom posted on my wall, the Barbies with red hair, and my wardrobe…. Jeans, graphic tees, my dad’s size 12 combat boots, black chain pants from Hot Topic, fake hoopContinue reading “I Hate Wearing Jeans, & That’s Okay”