Study Revelation With Us | 2:8-2:17

While studying 2:8-2:17, I was reminded of something that I had learned in my past studies. These two things are vital and frankly should be one of our priorities as studiers of Scripture: Learn Bible doctrine & apologetics. Learn Church history The first one is the more obvious of the two. Theology is part ofContinue reading “Study Revelation With Us | 2:8-2:17”

Study Revelation With Us | 1:1-2:7

Hi friends! I want to share something absolutely amazing with you involving my sister. She has daily Bible time, though it’s almost always on her phone. Occasionally a video or another book is involved, but that’s it. She usually gets Bible time done in the morning as well, so then in the evening, she hasContinue reading “Study Revelation With Us | 1:1-2:7”