Our Homeschool Science Curriculum

While we focus daily on math, language arts/reading/writing, the beauty of homeschooling is that classes can be interest-led! This past year, we used a Masterbooks science book that focused on plants, animals, and the human body. It was a great way to introduce science without being boring or adding a lot of stress to our schedule. If there was a topic within the book that we were particularly interested in, we’d take an extra trip to the library, watch videos, do a craft or field trip. We’re just finishing up that book now and are excited to jump into our next choice…

We wanted to further the hands-on approach to science, so we decided to do nature study style science this year to help create a foundation for future science studies, to increase observation and investigative skills, to cultivate a love for God as creator, to strengthen art skills, and offer stepping stones to develop into a lifelong hobby.

Fischer was given a few options, and not surprisingly chose to study birds this year. He loves birds. Twice a week, he’ll be following Thornton Burgess’ bird study guide, as well as using bird field guides recommended by our friend Randy (who used to own a bird store in West Bend), coloring book, sketchbook, and a variety of bird books from the library. In fall and spring, he will be spending most of his time outdoors & learning hands on, while winter will place us indoors with more books, videos, and crafts. It will be more laid back than it sounds, especially since nature study and bird watching is naturally an easygoing activity to pursue.

Items pictured (we spent around $30):

-Learning about Birds with Thornton Burgess by Sonya Shafer (a Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum, $12)

-The Sibley Guide to Birds (Thriftbooks, $4)

-Stokes Eastern Region Beginners Guide (Thriftbooks $4)

-Fifty Favorite Birds Coloring Book ($6)

-Sketchbook ($5)

-Binoculars (gift from a grandparent)

Happy Homeschooling!


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