A Lookback at 2022

2022 has been a year of being present and confident as a Christian, as a wife, as a mom, as a sister, as a friend. The year seemed to go faster than others and while I can’t remember everything, these are the memories that stand out the most:

We left a homeschool group that didn’t feel like a good fit after finding a new one that is just perfect. I took Fish to his first musical, we visited Holy Hill in every season, we had a blast during our family vacation, we all cried and grieved when Emma moved out, we explored two new cities as a family during our special day trips, we played mini golf in scorching hot weather, we tried to swim often on all the other hot days of summer. We attended a wedding and celebrated our anniversary, the kids went to four weeks at day camp, we went bowling with friends, dozens of trips to the library, many parks explored, a dozen cold and rainy soccer games, canning strawberry jam for the first time, and reading almost the entire Bible. We took an overnight trip to the state border so Ally could tour a college, we popped into IKEA and played make-believe like Bluey, improving my embroidery skills, seeing a functional medicine doctor, memorizing scripture, reading 7 books, reading hundreds of children’s books aloud.

Cheers to whatever God has in store for 2023!

with love, Samantha


Published by Samantha Sali

Image-bearer. Jesus-seeker. Wife. Mother. Writer. Artist.

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